Monday, 19 May 2008

Enough of that rubbish

So in the past two months I've been trying to re-bring to life the impressions of a week end long gone by, which have been harder and harder to capture as time has passed To cut the long drawn out process of trying to tell the tale: I ended up not going to the boat trip, but instead to the bbq - it was lovely, nothing super exciting to report but nevertheless just a simple fun day. The whole week end was a simple fun one, the type that leaves a big smile on your face for a little bit after it's over.
So yes, it was a complicated process to tell that tale. To be fair, I've not been at home a lot lately - been travelling a lot, and not just in plain "boring" places (boring by HK standards) like Thailand. No, I've been to the land of cheeseburgers, Levi's Jeans and Obama Clinton. Other things I have been up to:

- cancelling my Match Dot Com subscription after receiving offers for "3000 dollars for a night of sex". What freaked me out was not so much the offer as the fact that for about one tenth of a second I thought about it (hmm, me, in dire need of a man?). More seriously I could not be bothered with the whole online chatting, at least not having a subscription avoids potential disappointment

- going, coming back and recovering from jet lag to the States. It was an amazing trip, I saw Lil' Sis and my mother, went to a few comedy shows, ate like a gigantic whale..

- sitting on a beach and not daring to get up for the fear of the Ass making an ass out of me (get the pun, get it, get it? hahaha, I may have been away but my sense of humour is intact)

- avoiding getting fired, in an environment of dire global market slowdown. So far so good but I keep remembering "never say never".

- having two friends staying over, the first one came back from a 4 month back packing trip and considering breaking up with her boyfriend. The second one was sleeping on my couch because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. (See a pattern here? Heartbreak High is NOT in Australia contrary to what TV leds you to believe, it's actually in HK, in a high rise apartment building overlooking the city's skyline).

- avoiding Le Poulet like the plague. And I must admit, am not very proud of it, but I never wished him happy birthday last month, which made me a little bit happy. I am saddo drawing pleasure from it.

- listening obsessively to songs. Not a whole bunch of songs one after another, like normal people do, but finding one that I really like at a time and listening to it obessively. One day I'll figure out how to insert them in these pages.

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