Tuesday, 20 May 2008

No more muscles

Some days I feel like I have no more muscles left in my body. I feel very close to just collapsing on the floor, in one small little heap. (Little heap but with a big ass, harhar).
This morning was one of those days. I went to the gym to work out with my personal trainer-terror. Except this morning I did not have any strength whatsoever. Even the presence of Muscle Guy, my cute colleague who often has the misfortune of working out at the same time as me and witnessing my monkeying on the muscle machines, did not give me any extra woooompf. Every exercise I attempted, I would stuggle, unable to lift even the smaller sized weights.

Three quarters of the way through the session I made up an excuse and told the trainer-terror I needed to leave early, and ended up sobbing in the bathroom. The worst of it is that I have no idea why. Well ok there are like a million reasons (Le Poulet, dysfunctional family, job worries) but these reasons have always been there so why the dark clouds today? No idea. Maybe it's the weather, which is as beautiful as my mood today.


Cosima said...

Don't be sad... I think your body is telling you that muscles are for men. I find women with big biceps very strange looking... please don't go there... and Madonna should stop too.

Evie said...

thanks Cosima, I am thinking it really IS the weather causing this, you are away at the right time.
This said, if I could look like Madonna at her age I would not mind..

Charles in HK said...

I agree with Cosima... a little tone is great but bulking up like Madonna... nah.