Saturday, 24 May 2008

Am I on the path of becoming a nun?

Lately I have been trying to picture myself in a new relationship. But I simply can't. I love being able to have all my time for me, planning my evenings, weeks, months independantly. Sure, when I see couples buying toothbrushes together in supermarkets I sometimes wish I too had someone who would come with me to do that mundane sort of shopping. But then on the other side if I was with someone I would not do half of the stuff I am doing and I would not meet all the people I am meeting now.

Plus it's kind of weird to imagine myself with someone I don't know; I don't have a "type" so if I ever meet someone again, they could be anything: a blond airplane pilot, a red headed struggling artist, a Chinese fashion designer, a French chef?

Hong Kong is a bit of a strange place in terms of opportunities to meet men. The atmosphere is very hedonistic. But I think with some effort nothing is impossible. With some of my single friends we have decided to try to experiment a bit to understand better how it all works because to be honest we are clueless. We are not the types to put on super big cleavage and pull men in bars. So we have decided to try out different ranges of places, test how being more extraverted and talking to people makes any difference, well basically have a bit of men and opening up some horizons. I shall report on how that goes.

In the meantime, back into the palace of singledom for me..


Charles in HK said...

None or no nun, I'll pray for you! ;-) Possibility: once a month the chambers have Happy Hours... like AmCham, AusCham, CanCham. You dont have to be a member to go. (I think.) While it tends to be a lot of networking, it also tends to attract single, eligible people who tend to be more down to earth than your average pub crawler.

Evie said...

Thanks for the supportive note. Sounds like an interesting idea, will look into it. Though I would need to come up with a "legitimate" reason to go to these, because otherwise it will go like this:
- Hi, I am Bob, I am here because I am opening the HK operation of our US company. What about you?
- Hi I am Evie. I am here to pull men.

Charles in HK said...

At least you're being honest!