Friday, 30 May 2008

Time to get wild again

My NSE fiasco of last week end is not going to stop me, I am getting ready for a new fun and hyperactive week end.
A gilr I met at a friend's party when I arrived in HK 7 months has invited me on a big junk boat trip tomorrow. I will be going with my best buddy C, totally determined to have a fun day out rain-bathing, wake boarding and daring to show the Ass in a swim suit. (tomorrow will be the acid test to see if I am able to strip into swimming gear). There should be a few people I met at that girl's party at the time and should be fun. The concept of junk boat is to rent a huge boat for 10 to 40 people, sail around Hong Kong, swim in the sea, chat, dance, etc etc. Only in HK..
In the evening I shall hit the famous HK karaoke scene. The concept is to rent a room with a bunch of friends and sing and dance like there is no tomorrow. At least I hope there is no tomorrow after that because my singing migh cause the most dreadful thunderstorms (proven effect).
Sunday is Ass shaping day with 2 hours of gym at 10 am, then a short stop in the Torture Room (also known as Bikini Waxing for most people) followed by 1.5 hours of swimming pooling with a group of fun girls.
By Sunday evening I should be ready to pass out on my couch, happy, muscle toned (but not as much as Madonna) and full of excitement thanks to the various encounters of the week end.

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