Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Payback time

Just when I thought my life could not get any more embarassing..

Last night I was peacefully walking down the street to meet my friend C, when I realised the guy walking towards me in my direct path looked familiar. He was firmly staring at the floor. Either because he was studying the colour scheme of concrete floors in the Central area, or because he was trying to avoid me recognising him as it was too late to deviate his path discreetly. Looking closer, it dawned on me: it was Bar Guy! The very guy I had met this Saturday in a bar and who had mysteriously disappeared in the course of the evening after a particularly bad kiss (see Pulling Experiment Number 1 below).

My mind started to go blank and panic as it always does in situations like these where I am counting on it. The issue is, I have recently developed a policy to never avoid people I know, even vaguely, and force myself to say hi. This self inforced policy allows me to automatically develop my sociability skills, I've regretted too many times before my shyness. So my preprogrammed brain sent a message to my mouth, to shout out:
- Hey! Bar Guy!
At that point my eyes widened in horror, what on earth was I doing??
Bar Guy practically slapped his forehead in frustration, after all this effort of staring at the ground and making himself totally invisible, I had noticed him! (The schmuck!)

The conversation went along the lines of:
Bar Guy: Oh hiiiiiiiiiii
Evie: Hiiiiiiiiii
BG: How are you?
E: Great, thanks. And you?
BG: Fine.
E: Hope the hangover was not too harsh... I think I may still be a little bit drunk from Saturday.
BG: Har har (forced laugh). Me too.
E: Hm okay, see ya!
BG: Er yeah, see you later.

Why can't I live in an anonymous city where this sort of thing does NOT keep happening to me?


Nicey said...

MMm all sound svery strange, I think that maybe he is hiding something either that or he is somekind of a softcock, you don't want a man like that, belive me you done all the right things and showed the right signs its down to him to react and to take the matter in hand Ooo err.
Nah the guy got spooked !
Stay safe


mindy said...

I reiterate: He is gay.

Also, I think I would die if I had a policy of not ignoring people I know. That's basically how I manage my life day to day - if I couldn't ignore everyone anymore, I don't know what I'd do!

Evie said...

Guys, I agree with you both, he MUST have been a gay softcock. Makes me a feel a bit more smug now.

Angela said...

AH! Awkward! Yikes.... Hope you won't see him randomly around town again!

Evie said...

Angela, in this town I sort of doubt it. But have become an expert at embarassement :-)