Sunday, 20 July 2008

Back to square one

Am back to square one. Or rather, make it "back to Terminal 3 of Heathrow". I am sitting in the exact same spot where I was one year ago (give or take 5 days), in July 2007 when I logged into this blog from the Cathay Pacific Lounge to share my excitement and apprehension (yes, I am a lounge lady, thank you all the business travel airmiles).
One year ago I was leaving my London life behind, with no idea whatsoever in terms of what to expect next. Knowing I would not see my friends for a long time made me a little bit sad that day one year ago (like now), but I was also very excited about the new life that was about to start at the time.
Today am feeling something similar, but today my destination is not unknown, as a matter of fact it's even very familiar. This time I already know who I will hang out with for nights out in town, gossiping, and shooting the breeze in general. I know who I will have long coffee breaks with in the office after even longer and intense days of work. I know what exactly I will spend my days doing in the office. I know what the place I live in looks like (am now itching to take in that view again) rather than being a vague idea in my imagination. That day I did not have anyone waiting for me, whereas now I even had several "When are you back in town? We miss you" messages .
I am much more self confident as well. Overall, I have found a new level of happiness and zen which I was clearly lacking at the time.
Most importantly, that day last year I was very preoccupied with asking myself whether moving to Hong Kong was a mistake or not. Today I definitely know the answer to that (given the little tear-in-the-corner-of-my-eye tone of this post clearly the answer is "of course is not").

I've been away from Hong Kong travelling for a month now, I never imagined I would miss that crazy little place that much. I am looking forward to picking up my life from where I left it in June and continuing the Evie-ness. Starting with a date with my next door neighbour who asked me out a few days before I left. Pretty good start no?


David et Laurent said...

Ben je suis presque vexé. Je viens de lire sur mon blog que tu penses que je raconte des betises.

Voilà un lien où tu peux en savoir plus sur mon horloge :

Nicey said...

Hello Evie,

Welcome home !

Good to see ya back and posting, you will get back in to the life of blighty. I done something very similair, went off to the Middle East for 2 years then cam back, everything was just as I left it !!
Take care

Best of luck with the date !


Evie said...

HK foufous - Mais noooon, c'est juste que c'est trop beau pour etre vrai, mais en meme temps c'est HK alors rien en devrait etonner.
Nicey - thanks for not giving up on me :) . Oh and about that day, that is another story, to be told soon..