Wednesday, 23 July 2008

In the Fifth dimension

Hold on a minute, was it the "4th dimension" or the "5th dimension" again? Anyhow, I don't recall what the technical expression is, but I am defintiely what feels like in the zillionth dimension. I've come back to a very different Hong Kong than the one I left from. Things have changed a lot, and I am left with an amused smile observing it all from a bit of a distance:

- Work: In the space of a few short weeks, a few people have resigned, some already left, others have taken other people's jobs, some people who used to be each other's enemies are now allies, old allies are now enemies, and I need to fit all these pieces of the puzzle together. As a policy I don't do office politics so am not affected, but neverthess it's important to understand the dynamics!
- Friends: One of my best HK friends left the country over my absence. It was planned, I was prepared, but MAN, I miss her. Those lazy brunches, analysing men (unsuccessfully), those nights trying to get her drunk (semi successfully), those discussions where I was trying to help her make a sense out of her life choices (75% successfully). Another of my top 3 friends may have a new job offer back in Europe, which makes me happy for her but sad to think of this place without her. And lastly, my two best single friends are on dates now. Which is great given we have been clearly unsuccessful in establishing any form of communication contact with any members of the opposite sex in the past few months (years?). On the other hand it makes me freak out, what if I am the last single standing in a few weeks? (Selfish I know, but nevertheless scary)
- Dating: The simultaneous advantage and disadvantage of being potentially dating your next door neighbour is that if he has a found a new girlfriend in the space of 4 weeks while you were away you can immediately see it (thanks to the direct view into his living room from your flat). The downside is that it can be disappointing but the upside is that you know where you stand! It amuses me more than anything given we had spoken about twice and it's not like I had time to get any expectations up..

Thank god the social life is still on at full speed, going to a house party on Friday, to see a show on Saturday and sleeping off the shock of all these new changes on Sunday.


Nicey said...


Obvoiusly the next door neighbour wasn't ment to be, he's still out there ya just gotta find him ...


Evie said...

Yes indeed, goes to show that one should always have curtains in pne's flat.