Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sleepless but maybe not dateless

I tried to go to bed an hour ago. Because I don't have curtains in my bedroom, (only in my living room to prevent the Evil Fickle Neighbour from Next Door form seeing in my flat) I can see the full HK skyline by night. And as I look at it, even all blurry without my glasses on, I think: "DARN I love this city". And then I get all happy and then it makes it impossible to fall asleep.
That and maybe the heat plays a part.

My Friday night turned out quite interesting, as I met some nice new faces at a friend's house do. I may potentially-maybe-sort-of-on-a-coincidence-possibly have lunch with one of them next week, though have not yet worked out if it's a sort of date or not, to be continued..

Listening to my colleague the chances are on my side:
- Colleague: "Hey, Evie, are you married yet?"
- Evie, choking on her dim sum: "HHKR What? No way mate, I am not even close to scoring anything resembling a boyfriend at this stage".
- Colleague: "No WAY, that is impossible, I can not even believe it!!"
- Evie, manifestly fishing for compliments: "Why is that, dear colleague?"
- Colleague: "Because you smile a lot!".



Nicey said...

Keep on playing hard to get Evie, us blokes love that ;)
Take care


Evie said...

Trying trying.. The problem is there are no candidates on the receiving end of the treatment!