Friday, 8 August 2008

One last time, I promise

Letter to Le Poulet - Basically this is the last time we will hear about him (on the blog and in my life) as I am planning to send him this. And it's time to move on.

Le Poulet,

Today we saw each other in order for you to give me the last pieces of stuff that I had left over at yours. Symbolic moment of "Basically this is it".

I never want to hear from you again, nor see you again. No more emails asking how I am and if I like this city. If any friends we have in common come and visit well they can make their own arrangements to contact us respectively without needing us to be in touch. If we bump into each other as is inevitable in a small place like this, we can acknowledge each other's presence, but really there is no need for any further communication, which would only make us both hypocrits.

I've never told you this, and it's taken over a year for me to write you this, but now is a good time, as I have enough distance regarding the situation, it's all water under the bridge now. For me, you will always be a huge disappointment. We could have been something great. What we had most people spend their life time looking for. You can not deny it was special. But you, and only you with your psychological unrest and messed up way of looking at life have destroyed it all. And for that I will forever hate you.

You are like a rotten fruit: you had all the ingredients and elements to be a great person, to make something constructive out of life. But then something bad got into your inner being and made you cynical, unable to connect to people, and overall an arsehole. Unble to give nor receive anything from anyone.

Don't get me wrong, I have no wish to be together again, on the contrary am quite relieved it's all over. Because the rotten you is not someone I (or any other person on this earth) could have had a full blossoming relationship with, one of those where you feel you are strong together to face the world.

For what my advice is worth, I don't see any positive outcome for your personal life. You will probably end up with some woman (or several) only interested in your social status and money (especially in this part of the world) - remember this when you will sit with her in a luxury resort staring at each other's face without having anything to say to each other. Maybe you will break an extra heart or two on the way, as usual without feeling any guilt or putting yourself into question. By all means, enjoy that superficial empty life.

If I had a choice I would probably chose not to have ever met you, though there is one single positive outcome from our relationship: my move to Hong Kong. To answer your question, I love it here, I have found my natural equilibrium and for that I am glad.

Anyhow, that is that, now you know why I don't have any desire to meet you for lunch, and why I don't want to receive any more emails, text messages, or phone calls from you. All that is left to say is "Have a nice life". (I am tempted to add "and eat shit and die" but that might spoil the tone).


PS - The only reason you will need to get in touch with me again is to return those pictures to me, which I gave to you in a moment of trust, and of love, which I now regret. I should hope you would have had enough of being an arsehole and would return them out of respect for me. I am not one of your whores from your collection.

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