Sunday, 21 September 2008

Boy trouble

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my friend Eddie from back home. We went to the same school years ago, and were never particularly friends back then, and never kept in touch after, but once I moved to HK a mutual friend told me he was also living here so we started to hang around a bit.
He is a good looking guy with a taste of excentricity and the absurd. He is always a little bit dismissive, as if nothing could really impress him. I suspect he has dozens of "girl" projects on the go simultaneously. With respect to me, I never sensed any seduction vibes from him at all.
Anyhow, when I met up with him last time we ended up in a nightclub (and this was on a school night! my need to let out steam is becoming dangerous). At the club I started dancing with a very cute but also very drunk friend of Eddie's, to whom I ended up surrendering my phone number. Let's call him George.
One week later, George texts me and we agree to go on a date. This is a historical moment people. I have never been on a true date before, ie asked out by a stranger. All my other relationships have started from knowing the person first via a friendship stage.
Let's just say that the date with George went very well. He is not prime material for a serious relationship at all, so at the moment am figuring out that to do with him..
But I sense trouble in this story. Because lately I have been receiving lots of invitations from Eddie to meet up for drinks, clubbing or going hiking, which is very odd given how aloof he usually is. What if he was also interested?? I can feel an odd love triangle situation coming up..


Nicey said...

3 is a crowd, make your decision and go with your feelings, if the chemistry there then you will both know its for real, keep me posted and for christ sake try and update your blog a bit more !!!

Evie said...

I knooooow, I've been rubbish at updates. Reason is my home computer crashed, planning on setting things back to order this WE. Thanks for not giving up on me :)