Saturday, 30 August 2008


I am organizing a party tonight. I have invited every single person I know in HK. Now I am worried that each of these persons will also have invited every person they know in HK. And so on.

I hate organising events because I end up getting stressed. I am not a control freak who likes to plan through every detail and then smugly knows everything is under control, but then knowing there is so much stuff left to chance always worries me to bits. But on the other hand I also love organising events, it gives me a buzz and it's coming from the social butterfly in me. Usually I have these waves of Organizilla taking over, I throw events, dinners, gatherings. Then I need a few months to recover from the stress of it and each time swear to myself I will never do anything like that again. Then a few months/weeks later I get bitten by the bug again and get organizing.

Tonight will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the fact we are coming to the close of August, the month I will always remember as Man Month 2008. Because in September I reckon we are going back to the norm.


Nicey said...

Hope that the party was a success, where was my invite ;)
Take care


Evie said...

The party was great in the end, really there was no need to worry on my part.. For the next one, if you are really ready to get on a plane to HK you are definitely on the guest list, VIP!