Sunday, 28 September 2008


So to sum up, there are two men: Eddie, just-a-friend, whom I've met up with a couple of times lately and from I never got seduction vibes until recently (I think). And then there is George, a friend (more like acquaintance) of Eddie's with whom I have already exchanged more than just seduction vibes.. Am a bit confused around what is going on with both of these projects.
So, I had a master plan: Thursday night I was supposed to see Eddie (for casual drinks), and Saturday night George (for a 2nd date). The plan was to work out on Thursday if there was something going on between Eddie and I, so that I could make a decision before Saturday on what to do with George.
Unfortunately, Thursday I did not manage to catch up with Eddie properly for logistics reasons. He did invite me to join his group of friends at a party (positive sign), but I could not make it because I was at another party and I have not heard from since (negative sign).
I did however end up meeting with George last night. I've had a confirmation of my initial instinct that he is not really the long term sort of material, but in the meantime it's quite fun to have a little side project. And I don't have the feeling of leading anyone astray as he seems to have the same view and to be someone looking more for snacks than main courses at the moment..


Cosima said...


On the job situation front... hope that everything will work out well, and you receive new opportunities.

Nicey said...

Nicely summed up, I still like Eddie even though I have met him, seems a bit of a bad boy, George however seems a lightweight !
Take care

Evie said...

Cosima, thanks, I think the situation will end up in a good way however it goes, sometimes it's destiny's way of sending new signals our way..
Nicey, hmm, still a bit caught up in the love triangle..