Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mischief galore

I am still deep in the web of man trouble I have waved for myself, which is a great distraction from my job situation which continues to remain a bit uncertain. The latter does not really worry me deeply because I know that next year is not the stupid year of the Rat anymore and that things will end up working out one way or another..

So in the past couple of weeks I have continued to see George. And I don't mean in a "let's have civilized dinner dates" way, let's say our rapport has been slipping more into the "Friend with Benefits" category.. We don't call or text each other regularly, except to arrange the next meet up. And we both agree on the fact neither of us wants anything more out of it. I would never have imagined I could sustain something like that, but our level of complicity at night matches our incompatibility during the day, so it's just fallen in place naturally. We are two perfectly happy single people with not much in common but who do enjoy the company of each other once in a while for night time play dates.. I know I know, these types of situations are notoriously dangerous as one party might get hurt by starting to get attached, but I have a feeling we are both too detached for it to be a risk at present.

Flashforward to a couple of days ago. I met Eddie (who had totally disappeared off the radar screen in the meantime) on my way home from work. He asked wether I wanted to join him and some mates for drinks later in the evening, so I decided to go along. I recruited my friend Lucy to come with me. When we entered the bar, we discovered that Eddie was sitting there with a couple of other guys, including.. George! Given no one (except Lucy) knows about us we pretended to just greet each other like two people who had vaguely met before, it was quite exciting actually.. The dictionary definition of Ackward should be based on the tension in the air that night.. And so here I was sitting with on my left George who was throwing some very saucy looks my way, while trying to talk to Eddie normally on my right. While Lucy was trying not to choke into her Corona beer from repressed laughter at the whole situation..
I really enjoy talking to Eddie though, we have so much more in common and the same sense of humour. I just wish he would show some level of interest in me too, at least it would clear the whole situation with regards to the triangle with George. If I knew Eddie was interested it would be pointless if not plain cruel to keep seeing George any longer. Incidentally, they are not really friends, more like mates part of the same group of friends.
Anyhow, let's see how the Dramatic Events unfold during the rest of the month, I can foresee more intrigue to come..


Nicey said...

It will all come out in the wash eventually, hang on in there.


Evie said...

Ah yes in the wash, I would enjoy a high frequence spinning cycle right now..