Friday, 24 October 2008

Challenge time

I am away for a bit over a week, and with my friends Lucy and C we made a pact, or rather set ourselves some challenges:
- Lucy has two whole week ends to reconnect with Juan, a Spanish guy we met months ago and whom we have lost touch with. We met him and his group of friends a couple of months ago and Juan seemed to show some interest in her, but then we all lost contact. So she is supposed to try to meet up with them again and get the Spanish gang connection going again. After my memories of Fernando the hot beach buddy last summer, that sounds like a very nice project..
- C has a new neighbour who moved into her building. They met at the pool a few weeks ago (very handy for checking out all the goods in advance, hoho) and they have been texting a bit since.. Her challenge is to have a drink with him during my absence..
- My challenge for the week is to "check out Japanese men". And it's up to me to interpret what I mean by "checking out"..

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