Thursday, 23 October 2008

Just a perfect day

Today was not totally perfect, but not too far off.
First I went to meet a recruiter to discuss a new job. The chances of me getting it are quite slim, which is fine, as that job would pay less than my current one. I am not in a rush to find something super fast, but it's good to get practicing doing interviews etc. I hope in the next few months I can find something though..
Then I went lunch time shopping with C. One of the department stores in town had a super sale on. I did not buy anything, but retail therapy even if for the eyes is always a good thing, well for girls anyway..
And then I had a small party at mine for a friend's birthday. We drank, ate, chatted, took silly pictures. A perfect way to end a Wednesday night (week end outings are over rated, I am all for mid week madness now).
I am flying out on vacation to Japan early on Friday and have no where near packed yet. Seeing I am going out tomorrow night as well, it looks like it will be another one of those panic packings the morning of the departure..
Oh well it's good to take life 1 relaxed step at a time..


Nicey said...

Yep Thursdays are the new Fridays, that way you can get over you hangover during work time ! Oh yeah and you can also still go out over the weekend as well


Evie said...

Yup, and if Thursdays are the new Fridays, let's call Wednesdays "Fresh Fridays"