Monday, 20 October 2008

Peace recovered

So, let's try to make this a boy trouble free zone for a few days:

I've just emerged from one of those blissful week ends, where you end up falling asleep with a smile of contentment on your lips. And then 30 mins after you fall into a super deep sleep your friend C rings your phone and you forgot to put it on silent so it wakes you in that deep sleep stage:

- DRIIIIIING (that was the phone ringing)

- Evie: "Ghhaarrghhhaaah?"

- C: "Evie? Darn! Did I wake you up?"

- Evie, struggling to wake up and say something meaningful: "Why are the snowflakes so red in the snakey pie?"

- C: "Eeeeerm, ok, sorry for waking you up, speak to you tomorrow"

- Evie: "Ok, please put the toast back in the oven ok?"

- C: "Oooookkaaayyy".

I like to go out on Friday nights because it leaves you two days to recover, and even though initially it's a bit hard to drag yourself out after a day of work, in the end it's after another long day that you really appreciate going out painting the town red. And that is what I did, to celebrate the birthday of a friend.

Saturday, instead of my usual "wwwwooorrffff I am too tired" I put my hiking shoes, no, Jesus-type-sandals and hit the hills of Lantau for a power hike. Nothing better to clear the lungs and head from a hungover, though also nothing better to zonk you out. Hence Saturday night I went to bed early (for a Saturday) and slept like a baby.

Sunday I headed out to the beach. I love this city, in 30 mins you can get to one super easily. There I visited some friends who just had a baby, and marvelled at how this bump I had been getting used to seeing on my friend's belly had now become a really cute little baby. Ah the cycle of life, blahblahblah.

And now, am getting ready for the holiday of a lifetime, am hitting the craziness of Tokyo and Kyoto in a few days, part travelling or staying with friends, part exploring solo. And my feet are already itching to get on the road..


Nicey said...

Tokoyo is cool place Evie, enjoy and have fun, sounds like you need a break


Evie said...

Will do, and shall report back with lots of stories..