Thursday, 16 October 2008

Silly silly Evie

Man, sometimes I think I am just so stupid. How could I get the whole thing with these two guys get into my head so much?

Oh the irony. The irony that after a year of virtually no male attention I get in a situation where I meet two at once.
Oh the irony. That one of them is only a physical sort of relationship where as the one I really like is actually not so interested.
Oh the irony. That on the way to George's place earlier this week I ran into Eddie who suggests we meet up for drinks a few days later.
Oh the irony. That when that day comes he cancels at the last minute, while my head got into a spin from anticipation of that evening.

Therefore, the new resolution is, this time I am really really really giving up these two, they are driving me way too nuts.

On a separate note, I really do believe that being too available to a guy's eyes makes the chase uninteresting which is ikely to make him give up. I think I've been way too easy and approachable in all the situations I've been lately, time to put the leash on.


Nicey said...

Bang on the money there Evie, play hard to get its what us men like, the chase the mystery, don't go giving to much away. My last realtionship with F was unreal. I wanted to finish it she wouldn't let me, the more I messed her around the more she liked it ....
Stay strong, laters


Charles in HK said...

I am at the opposite end of the spectrum: playing hard-to-get doesn't work for me. There were lots of times during my dating years when I'd get the "playing hard to get" light and would drop the situation asap. Long time later I'd see said girl(s) or their friends and I'd be asked, "Gosh, why didnt we/you ever get it on?"

Me: You/she wasnt interested.

Them: Yes I/she was.

Me: Well, that was a strange waying of showing interest.

Don't forget, you're in Hong Kong where being single can be brutal and lonely. I would say, if you want something go after it. If it isnt interested, move on.

My two cents!

Evie said...

Guys, thanks for your thoughts. I've come to the conclusion that the best thing would be to initially show some interest so the guy knows he has a chance, but then let him prove he really is interested. With Eddie it turns out the reason he was so slow was not that he was put off by my availability signals, but simply that he has several girls on the go. Not interested in playing that game..

Cosima said...

Gosh... men. First let me tell you that some will never know a good girl when they see her (even if they are married to her, but that's a totally different story, and you are soooo lucky that you are not in that situation). Do what they do... enjoy the game, stop if it is no fun, and get swept away if you feel he is the right one. My two scents.

Evie said...

Arh you are so right, it an't even close to complicated yet.. I hope you are getting more luck in that front as well, I feel more optimism in your blog compared to before.