Monday, 17 November 2008

Challenge results

C, Lucy and I are a little bit like the girls from "Sex in the city". Except that there is three of us, we have far less contact with men, and we don't spend a fortune on Jimmy Choos. But in essence, our conversations could practically be in the script of the show.

Before I went on vacation, I left the girls with individual challenges (see a few posts down):
- C was supposed to make contact with the Hot Neighbour
- while Lucy had to get in touch with Hot Spanish Guy with whom she had very briefly flirted a few months ago.
- I was supposed to "study Japanese men" (in Japan that is, otherwise I think there would not be much hope for me, given I hardly manage to study any sort of man here in HK ;).

The results:
- C did get in touch with Hot Neighbour, who turned out to be "boring and clingy". She agreed to go on a date with him but invited along two friends to avoid being alone with him! I have met him and don't agree that much about him being boring. I think the issue at stake is the fact he was too easy: he immediately said yes to meeting up, followed up with a deluge of messages afterwards, and all in all sounded too desperate. And that totally put C off.
Moral of this story: with men, you never win: if they are not interested enough, we hate it, if they are too interested, we hate it too.

- Lucy: she texted Hot Spanish Guy one night. One week later, we ran into him in a bar, and he sort of scooped Lucy up on his horse (well he did not have one for real, it was more of a conceptual horse, to represent prince charming who just turns up and hooks up with the princess, with a French kiss and everything). But this was not a story to last, there was something wrong with him (I can't say too much at this stage).
Moral of this story: you wait for your prince for ages, but when he turns up on his white horse and scoops you up to ride into the sunset and French kiss, it turns out there is something wrong with him.

- My study of Japanese men: am clueless! Did not get any exposure whatsoever to any specimen, apart from being on the receiving end of some very polite 90 degree bowing (I mean from random people in the street: traffic wardens, porters, etc etc).
Moral of this story: if you want to get close to a Japanese specimen for a Study of Men project, you need to approach them at a time when they let their politeness, guard and social norm rules down, eg maybe try in a nightclub at 5 am.

This said, since I am back in HK I have resumed my men study activities, and boy, I still have no conclusive results. I guess I need to study a bit harder.


Nicey said...

Keep on studying and you will pass the exam, we are out there ya know but yeah I know what your saying, when you have someone plenty of peeps who are intersted in you, when your on your own no bugger wants to know you ...
Sounds like your enjoying it though.

Cosima said...

Sorry to hear that Japan was all work and no fun. Call me weird, but I absolutely love to be escorted back to the elevator and bowed at while the doors are closing :)

Did you get to eat good food?

Evie said...

Nicey - oh yes definitely looking to get a pass with HONOURS.
Cosima - I did indeed eat mountains of sushi, teppnyaki, kaiseki, the whole lot. So now am on an intensive fitness programme.. Oh and the 90 degree bowing, I agree, it's endlessly fascinating, it's a bit like a synchronised ballet..