Wednesday, 19 November 2008


No, am not doing drugs. But here is a list of my latest addictions:

- cigarettes: I am not what I would call a smoker. But once in a while when going out, once I am drinking something, I do enjoy lighting a cigarette or two. What is freaking me out is that this week even without drinking I have had the urge to light one or two in the evenings. Am determined not to become an addicted slave to nicotine, so the new rules are: a) only if it's dark outside b) only if am drinking at the same time. Maybe rule b is silly, because I will start drinking in order to indulge my smoking craving, so I will become a cigarette addict AND an alcoholic.

- this website: It is created by Nokia as a communication campaign. The idea is it's sort of like a sitcom. Except it's on the internet, and you follow the lives of three (fictional) people through the messages in their mobile phones. I spent hours going through their history back to October when they started it, and now can not start my day without checking first thing in the morning what Anna, Luca and Jade are up to (in that order).

- George: I think I am addicted to "catch ups" with him. I dont' want to give the impression of being a hussy, but I promise, I don't think I will ever in my life find someone with whom I have such a good connection in, erm, the bedroom. Shame we don't match in other aspects.

- complicated boy situations: tomorrow am off to have drinks with Eddie (whom I used to be interested in) and Geeky Guy (who might be interested in me) and in addition, we may bump into George (other friend of Eddie's with whom am in lust, see above, and with whom am having a secret relationship no one knows about).

- liquorice: I love it so much that I ordered a box of 3 kgs from Holland.

- the gym: in order to indulge in all of the above with a better state of mind, I have put the Ass on an intensive training programme which now has me hooked. I run 4-5 miles at least 5 times a week, not bad!


Nicey said...

Don't talk to me about addictions apparently I have multiple addictions some good like the gym other bad like drugs ... but ya know all that anyway
Keep up the gym work, know what you mean though it does reframe the way that you think

Evie said...

The gym is a good one indeed, at least you gain a nicer Ass out of it.. And I hope you manage to keep all of your ones (addictions, not Asses) under tabs!!