Monday, 24 November 2008

The 1% probability

Last week I had a weird conversation with the boss. He called me with the most unexpected question. Which was:

- "Evie, how attached are you to staying in Hong Kong?".

BLLAAARRRGGGHHH what on earth does that mean? How do you answer that?
I love this city, it has adopted me and I feel more at home here than anywhere else. But (there is a but), in the current environment of the credit crunch, global downturn, international recession, mass layoffs, I wanted to appear cooperative. So I explained that I was most attached to the job and the firm, and was open to negociations regarding location.

He then told me it was only a hypothetical question, and he just needed to know given there were some big reorganisations in the works. So the chance of anything changing was low, with like 1% probability.

The alternative location they have in mind is going back to London. And after the initial shock, it got me thinking. And dreaming.

Hong Kong: Pros
- the amazing friends I have made here, some of these friendships are special
- living in a high rise building with amazing views
- easy travel all over Asia
- better quality of life, 10 minute commute to work
- evening drinks on outdoor terraces gazing at HK by night.
- more intensive night life, going out every night of the week if I want to
- Thursday outings with Eddie and gang (these could also count as cons given the headache)
- better food
- the distance with the family which can be a god thing

London: Pros
- the few good friends I have left there, including yummy Tom
- long afternoons walking by the Thames, popping in and out of museums
- pub crawls
- rollerblading in the Friday Night Skates
- shopping with "normal" size clothes available
- less far to travel to visit the family - with whom I feel I need to reconnect
- cool nights out in Shoreditch, no more RnB hell!
- living in a cosy basement flat somewhere picturesque.
- the live musical scene
- probably improved odds on the Boy front

All in all, it would not be such a terrible thing. And career wise it would definitely be a plus. But still, it's hard to picture.

I am waiting to hear more on whether this is serious or not. I have not mentioned it to most of my friends here, it's too early and too improbable at this stage.

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