Monday, 1 December 2008

15 hours of sleep in 3 days later..

I've just been chewed and spat out by another intense week end. It all started on Thursday night when I went to the Kylie Minogue concert. I don't know much about Kylie, apart from that "Nanana nanana naaaana" song, but I thought it's worth giving it a shot, it's not everyday we get such high profile celebrities in town. And it was superb. Because she is a real diva, who knows how to inflame the stage despite her minuscule size. Because she got changed about 6 times in the course of two hours and her costumes were all stunning (especially that red floaty dress with the thigh high boots, Russian Army style). Because she knows how to work a room. Because she posted lots of pictures of semi-naked sailors on the big screens throughout the show (which really worked for an audience made up for 99% of ladies and gay guys).

That really got me fired up and ready to join for the second part of the night C and Lucy, who were out having drinks with Geeky Guy and some of his friends. Geeky Guy is a friend I met through Eddie (who was not there that night, at least not when I got there). His friends were a cool fun bunch and it was really refreshing to spend the evening with a group of new friendly faces. We had some good laughs and ended up dancing in a club until 3 am.

And that was only Thursday night.

On Friday my Boarding School Friend arrived from Europe to spend a few days with me. Her suitcases lodged in my living room, I dragged her out to a friend-of-a-friend's rooftop party. I did not know anyone else but the crowd of people was very international and friendly. We did not stay too long because the next morning we had a 6.30 am (A.M.!!) start to go on a hike to a remote part of Hong Kong. Plus the fact the 4 hours of sleep from the night before were taking their toll.

Saturday morning, as I opened up my eyes at 6.30 am (A.M.!!) I cursed my over-eagerness to sample Hong Kong and accept invitations to hikes requiring such an early start, especially after another night of 4 hours of sleep. But boy it was worth it. After a couple of hours of train and boat travelling we got to this beautiful uninhabited island. Our group of 5 intrepid explorers spend the day exploring. Actually, I am lying. First, when we arrived, we were so cold from the windy boat ride that we sat down in the first restaurant we found to warm ourselves with a bit of hot tea. Then we walked a bit but stumbled upon a beautiful beach where we lay down in the sun to warm up more and rest from the trip. Then we walked a bit and arrived on a beautiful area full of huge flat stones that were very inviting. Plus we were hungry so had a break there to eat lunch and take a nap. Then we took a break from the break by taking a break (if that makes sense) and then ended up going for another cup of warm tea in the restaurant in order to get energy for the long boat trip back in the cold.

I felt a bit bad for Boarding School Friend because as we got home I was already pressing her on to get ready 45 minutes later because we were meeting other friends for dinner. I promised that that evening would be more quiet, that I was totally dead, and that we would probably go home early. After dinner we decided to go to a bar for one last drink, and there bumped into a whole lot of other friends. The lack of sleep was decidedly taking its toll though, until we received a text message from Geeky Guy saying he was in a night club nearby and wondering if we wanted to join. Well guess what we did next? We went to the club "just for a drink". But the music was excellent and I really enjoyed the company of the group there, so it turned out we spent the next few hours dancing like fiends to the music (fortunately Boarding School Friend had gone home for some much needed sleep by then, otherwise she would have killed me had she waited for me). At around 3 am I felt my saoul was about to leave my body from the tiredness, so we decided to head back home.

Obviously, Sunday was spent in a semi-vegetative state trying to recover in time for the week to come, which I promised myself would be more chilled and restful if I didn't want to die soon. But then the past few days were so fun I would do it all over again. Is it week end yet?

Oh and by the way, still no news of George. Soon it will be 2 weeks since I saw him, the longest we spent without one of us contacting the other for a catch up, I have a feeling I was right, he won't be getting in touch either, which all in all is a good thing.

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Nicey said...

I like your style hun, parties and culture ;) reminds me so much of the 2 years that I spent in the middle east, sounds like you had a good time and ripped it up big time.
Take care