Thursday, 4 December 2008

Making things happen

One should never make challenges with one's friends when tipsy on 3 glasses of red wine drunk on an empty stomach.

As I got home last night in the above mentioned state my friend C rang me. She was in an equally cr@ppy mood so we spent an hour moaning about men and about the fact all we ever speak about is men to moan about them. We agreed nothing ever happens in our lives and that is where we had a brilliant (drunken) idea and set ourselves "the 24 hour challenge": before midnight the next day (ie tonight), something exciting needs to happen to both of us. And if the excitement does not happen of its own doing, we have to make it happen. In C's case, she is probably going to call Good Looking Guy, whom she met one night a few weeks ago and who has not given much news recently.

In my case, I am working on it:

From Evie to C
Omygod, something exciting happened. I have my thing-before-midnight.

From C to Evie

From Evie to C
George called me.

From C to Evie

From Evie to C
YES! But it was in my dream. Still counts though, right?

From C to Evie

From Evie to C


Anon Y mouse said...

Evie, Just found your blog. It is making me laugh. Especially the FTC sleeping thing.

Glad to see you are enjoying HK so much. I look forward to more tales of urban deering do.

& No, it doesn't count if it's a dream.

SR said...

For something exciting you could always join the Thursday HNT crowd.

Nicey said...

Something Exciting happened to me last night ..... ; )
Lifes good

Cosima said...

It's not as bad as you think. I blog about baking cookies... how pathetic is that?

Evie said...

Anon, thanks for dropping by. More theories to come, I love making them up..
SR, that is a BRILLIANT idea, will look into it.
Nicey, do tell!!
Cosima, I love your cooking posts, you have a real passion there. PLUS you get to eat them afterwards..

lecram said...

Thought I'd return the visit... yeah, I lurk here sometimes and quite enjoy it. Cheers!