Sunday, 7 December 2008

Peace in the valley

The verdict? I did not force myself to do anything exciting on Thursday. Simply because I did not need to. My emotions had been running on a roller coaster in the past few months due to many factors (the crazy job situation, reconnecting with Eddie, meeting George, taking part in a show I will tell more about one day). After such a long state of natural high the crash had to be a bit hard and that explains my odd mood and restlessness all through last week. But now it feels like I have landed, I am at last at peace and I am happy to stay in my bubble for now. Proof: It felt good to go home before midnight last night (a Saturday!!).

I want to spend more time with myself, not running around left, right and centre being a social butterfly and challenging myself all the time out of my comfort zone. I want to wake up in the morning without saying to myself each time "Uuugggghhhh I am so tired, why did I go out last night again?". I want to sleep 12 hour nights, read more, and sort out that cupboard full of the dreaded "paperwork". I want to avoid spending precious brain neurones worrying about men because they are not L'Oreal ("they are not worth it"). And lastly I want to focus on working out in the gym for a body I can be proud of.

I am turning 30 (Three Zero) in three weeks, I want to step into this new decade of my life full of energy, confidence, and maturity. Not that it is possible I become fully mature and sensible, you can take Evie out of silly situations but you can't take the sillyness out of Evie.

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