Sunday, 7 December 2008

... and silliness in the valley as well

Just to prove I will never become fully mature and sensible even as I near my thirties.. (despite the fact today I acheived the incredibly mature and sensible task of cleaning out my bathroom junk cupboard).

Today I sent a text message to my friend Maria to ask her which mall, Pacific Place 1 (PP1) or Pacific Place 3 (PP3) was the one with shop XYZ in it. She works in the same building as the mall PP3, and is a girl, so by definition is an expert for shopping in the area.

I don't know her extremely well, I usuall y meet her through my friend Lucy, so I don't call/text her that often directly. I have two mobile numbers for her, her personal one, and her work one, and I never recall which one she uses most so usually I just text both.

So today I sent this message to both numbers:

From Evie, to Maria Perso Phone & Maria Work Phone
"Hi! Hope you and Lucy survived the hike yesterday.. Quick question, is shop XYZ in PP1 or PP3? Thx a lot!".

A few minutes later I got a reply from Maria Perso Phone
"Hi! We are totally dead but it was fab! Better go to PP1 for the shop, enjoy!".

An hour or two later, I got the below message from her Work Phone as well

From Maria Work Phone, to Evie
"I am not sure, sorry. Btw, who is this, who are you looking for?".

I was with Boarding School Friend at the time and I commented what a strange person Maria is. How can she not remember it was me, given I had sent the same message to her Personal phone to which she had replied? I knew she was a bit cagey about her work situation and probably was paranoid getting stalked on her work phone where she probably did not have my number saved in the memory, but still?? What a weird reply from her. But she had done this before I recall, sending weird replies back asking "who is this?" whenever I would text for example to confirm cinema meeting times.

So I thought I would reassure her, and texted back "You banana, it's only me, Evie!! :) ".

To which the response came: "FYI I don't do hiking, must be a wrong number, Evie".

D'oh. So all along I had thought it was Maria who was the psychopath with a multiple personality disorder. It never occured that I was the psychopath too slow to realise that for several months I had been involuntarily stalking some stranger.


Nicey said...

MMmmm Note to self stay away from all stalkers .... especially Evie ; )
Looking forward to hearing about your birthday plans

Evie said...

Yes yes I am a public danger!
Birthday plans still in the works but they should be magnificent indeed.