Monday, 22 December 2008

The secret behind The Secret

In order to embrace better my upcoming Thirties, I am reading The Secret to uncover the truth behind what makes people happy and successful.

The idea is that you can attract everything you want, simply by being in the right state of mind. For example, if you really believe and know how to bend the Universe to make you thin, you will become thin. Or become a millionaire, or get a novel published etc. So basically the Universe will respond to your thoughts, sending positive things your way if you are positive and visa versa. There are some things in the book that a are a bit cuckoo: there is a tale of a guy who wanted to test the concept so he spent a lot of time visualising a feather, with specific markings so that when he saw it he could recognise it. Well one day, as he was walking down the street in New York, he saw lying there, in the street, the same very feather that he had been visualising all this time. Whatever.

Even if a lot of the book is wacky, I thought I would try to apply some the concepts and check out what good would come out of it. It is true that if you keep complaining about life and seeing negative things everywhere you may be closing yourself to a lot of positive opportunities.

So here is the list of things I have integrated into my thought process (ie I have worked on believing them myself) in order to send the message to the Universe that it should send them myway:

- I am super gorgeous and self confident
- My bosses value me and have decided to promote me to a new exciting and fulfilling job at which I will kick ass.
- I radiate happiness, people instantly feel drawn to me
- I am clearheaded and wholesome
- I have no communication issues, I can relate well with all: colleagues, friends, strangers, or my family
- I am going to meet my soul mate any minute now
- I am svelte and look amazing in whatever I wear, without putting on weight despite eating lots of food


Nicey said...

I am a clean living guy that will meet the woman of his dreams .................


Evie said...

Well you know what? I think 2009 will be the year we will achieve those things. Honest!

Lola said...

just checked out your blog and love it also... nothing like a bit of mutual appreciation!

Charles said...

My sentiments exactly!

Evie said...

Lola - ca fait plaisir :-)
Charles - I hope it will work for you too..