Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Shirt problem, and Christmas day plans

I have lots of problems. Well no, two problems. The first is the Shirt, the second is Christmas day dinner.

I was wearing this really nice shirt today. But when I tried to take it off I had a problem because it was so tight at the cuffs (it stops at the elbows, in a very tight way) that I had a really hard time pulling it off and got stuck in it for a few minutes, mainly because even though I am not that fat I still have a bit of normal arm fat on my arms which offered some resistance. But it's ok now, I managed to change into my scary pyjama t-shirt. (I am wearing the 5th one).

The second problem is that my friend R invited me for X mas dinner on the 25th but I am not sure what to do. She is married, and all her friends are married banker couples, and I fear turning up with my mum will be weird because we are not in the Married Banker clan.. I need to give her an answer tomorrow (technically later today given it's past midnight), still pondering...

Xmas day lunch is sorted though, I have adopted a bunch of my friends who are Stranded Expats in Hong Kong, we will go for lunch all together which should be good fun.

Hope you guys are all ok on the Xmas problems front..


Anon Y Mouse said...

1) Orphan's Christmas time can be great cos you get to chose who you hang out with rather than being "given" your family over whom you have no choice.

2) I am sure your friend invited you cos she wanted you to come. I am guessing your mum can hold her own. So you should go. It'd be a dull old world if we were all the same.

Btw, best wishes for Xmas and the New Year. I am sure you'll have a great 2009.

Lola said...

Hope you made a good choice...totally feel your dilemma on the smug marrieds Xmas decision...I went for it this year and took along a friend. Although we may have been mistaken for a lesbian couple it was good fun all round. Bonnes fetes!

Evie said...

Anon, Orphan's xmas sort of went tits up, but we did end up going to the couples' party which was surprisingly fun.. I hope you had a fabulous one too, happy continuation of celebrations..
Lola, at least taking my mum avoided the lesbian couple image :). Hope you are having a good last days of 2008.