Wednesday, 31 December 2008


And the 2009 resolution nominees are:

- Stop the delusionally thought-of-as-non-addictive habit of igniting cigarettes and inhaling on them when I am out
- Lose 5 kg before June
- Get fit: do the 10k race in the HK marathon in Feb in under 55 mins
- Redefine or change job
- Get home before 8 and stay there at least 4 nights a week
- Read a book a month minimum
- Start a collection of HK movies, watch at least one a month
- Go to Shenzhen, Shanghai (again), Canton, Saigon (again), Australia
- Take Cantonese classes again
- Send parcels of goodies to friends
- Get connected to Skype
- Install curtains in flat
- Wear smart clothes at work (also known as stop dressing as a slob), because as they say "don't dress for the job you have, but for the job you want to have".
- Host at least 3 people through Couchsurfing this year

I also have an informal resolution I have been toying with for a few weeks. I read an article in the highly scientific and brainy magazine known as Cosmopolitan, about a student in Britain who decided to give up sex. This was after some years of very casual hook ups and strings of one night stands. Initially I thought it was zany because why would you want to treat it as something that is totally bad for you? But then reading on, her points made sense. She knew that she would avoid all these situations of waking up with a low self esteem because of mistakes made on drunken nights out. She was automatically weeding out the men who were only after the sex. And she had this sort of inner peace.

And I thought I should give it a try. Not that my life is a whole string of sexual encounters, so that would not be a huge change on a day to day basis. But just knowing that it's not in the cards anymore will not only avoid stupid situations, but also I think it will give me more strength and peace of mind in the way I will deal with the men I know and will be meeting this year.

The only exceptions to the rule would be:
- if I suddenly meet someone remotely serious, but he would need to wait at least, I don't know, 3 or 4 dates. Or 10.
- if I already have had a relationship with the guy before (no, it's not at all that I am leaving a window open for George here)

Wishing you all a fabulous new year's eve tonight, as well as an amazing start to 2009. I am looking forward to reading how it pans out in your lives. For the record, it WILL be a good year, promise.


Nicey said...


MMmm some good resolutions there especially the one about being home 4 nights a week by 8pm, Nicey could adopt that one !!!
Relationships - well I would never sleep with anyone on the first date, see how the ground lies on the second, and if I haven't slept with them by the third then they are history and in most instances thats what a woman wants !!
Oh my star sign Capricorn hun
Take care, laters

lecram said...

A very Happy New Year to you. Cheers!

Evie said...

Nicey - You might be pleased to know that according to one of my rag mags 2009 is going to be very steamy for us Capricorns..
Lecram - I hope 2009 brings all the best you can hope for and even more!


Hi Evie!

Happy New Year to you and to your Blog.

One resolution for 2009: planning no resolutions

Anon Y Mouse said...

You know how factories have signs saying

258 days since last accident.

Perhaps you could do that on your blog for ciggies or something.

5 days since last ciggie

Then we could all know how your NYRs were going.

Evie said...

Arrrrgh am so ashamed. About to give an update on the resolutions, they are already broken!!