Monday, 5 January 2009

The dreams

I dream very rarely. Perhaps because I am so tired most of the time from all the partying and running around, that my sleep gets very deep and restful with no time for dreaming.

But the past two nights in a row, I've been having very vivid dreams ... of a kinky kind. (The last time I had one of those was probably more than 5 years ago).

In the first dream, I was with Tom, my friend back in Europe on whom I've had a crush for years but with whom nothing ever happened. I dreamt that he was kissing me, and it was totally electric. I am supposed to meet Tom for real in a couple of months when I head back home on vacation, so am wondering if the dream is premonitory? *grinning*.

The second dream, last night, was with Eddie. We were involved in a huge cloud of steaminess. I think next time I see him, I will blush like a tomato...

So I guess my resolution of giving up sex in 2009 has not been going down too well with my subconscious then. I am still trying to stick to it, even though there could be challenges in the coming months.

Resolution update:

- no more smoking: the worstly kept resolution in the history of resolutions, 10 minutes after midnight I was already lighting one on the grounds that the new year starts only when the day light arrives..
- no sex and no boys: the sex bit has been ok, aside from my wild dreams.. But the boys part I am not yet fully sure. I have been spending a lot of time with my friend Geeky Guy lately, not sure where it's heading or what I myself want at this stage, hope to have more to tell this week end..
- going places: I went to Shenzhen all by myself, it was scary, it was cheap (for shopping), it was fun and: - it's crossed from my list, been there, done that.
- getting fit: I've run 18 km in the last two days, hope to keep up the rythm as I am still far from my target pace.

All in all, could be worse, but must try harder.

Oh, and about those dreams. Listening about 35 times per day (no exaggeration) to this is probably not helping to stop my mind from wandering.


Nicey said...


Your doing better than me I broke ALL my resolutions by the 2nd of the month (See latest post)
Hey great news on the running hun thats quite some distance, Go Evie Go !!


Evie said...

Don't beat yourself too hard about it, it's a tradeoff between resolutions and Carpe Diem mode, right?