Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tryout: TMI Tuesday

Yay, let me try my hand at my first TMI Tuesday:

1. What is the greatest age difference between you and a SO? Older or younger?
It was with le Poulet who was 7 years older than me. At the time it seemed huge, though it turned out I was the older one in terms of maturity. I do believe I would be happier with an older partner, men my age are usually too immature and uncommited (sweeping generalisation, but in Hong Kong probably is correct for 99% of cases).

2. What is the greatest age difference between you and any sexual partner? Older or younger?
Still not beating the 7 years, with both le Poulet and the Lover being that much older than me.

3. Have you started your holiday shopping? Is it done?
I hate Christmas and all the shopping rush that goes with it. It will be a casual affair with mum with whom we agreed not to do gifts. But am still planning on getting a few for her, but hey I have a WHOLE week to find them! And there are all the Santa Swaps at various Christmas parties that are coming up in the next few days, I am also procrastinating buying those.

4. What are the chances there will be a "naughty" present under the tree this year (either from you or for you)?
None, because 1) I am celebrating it with my mum and 2) see post below. Oh yeah and 3) given I am planning to spend the next 12 months in celibacy it's just as well.

5. What is your favorite holiday song?
We Grinches do not like holiday songs. Bah hum bug.

Bonus (as in optional):Do you have a preferred time of day to have sex? If so, why?
There is something about morning sex that is naughty and requires a good level of intimacy which makes it that little bit extra more enjoyable.


Amorous Rocker said...

I'm not taking part in any Santa Swaps or Secret Santa things going on. I said that quite a few times at work despite certain co-workers trying to get me to sign up for it. No thanks. I can't afford to get people I really like gifts, lol.

Great answers! Happy TMI!

Evie said...

Maybe it's smarter indeed, and avoids embarassment (and wasting money!). It's funny, I was just reading your answers at the same time :)

Nicey said...

Nice Post Evie, think that I may have to one of those sometime....


Cosima said...

1. They always have been older. When I am 60 I want them to be younger though ;)

2. see #1

3. I only get gifts for people younger than ten, and that's already done.

4. zero (sigh)

5. Even the nicest Christmas song is unbearable if it is played in every shop you go to.

6. Slow morning sex is wonderful, and afternoon delights are not bad either.

Anon Y Mouse said...

1) 4 years. Clearly I am not pushing the boat out in this regared

3) No. Mild panic is beginning to set in

4) Just like Cosmina, have a 0.0 chance, more's the pity.

5) "Killing in the name of" - Rage Against The Machine (not your traditional Xmas carol and there is a story behind this)

6) Morning time for sure.

Evie said...

Nicey, you prob know, but the source of questions comes from here: http://tmituesday.blogspot.com/

Cosima: haha, I agree with 1. Maybe even sooner than 60, especially for situations in case number 2 :)

Anon: I looooove your choice of Christmas song!

Anon Y Mouse said...

Why thank you. It is a great song and acts a sort of kitsch-Christmas antidote, especially when you are jumping up and down on the sofa screaming the lyrics.

But ho hum....

& yes there's not much going on at work before anyone asks. I might even get round to setting up the A.N. Mouse blog page.