Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas fool

Last week end I was invited to a huge Christmas dinner-food-fest at a friend's house. There was a big group of us, most of them good friends except for two people whom I know very superficially.
We all brought one gift and did a Santa Swap. Being me, I did not want to do a boring gift so I made it a little bit naughty, just because I knew the group of people was fun and it would make the evening more interesting..
It turns out my gift ended up with one of the girls I did not know that well, and she is the shy/prude type, and I think my gift shocked her. So instead of it being funny, it was plain embarassing. Nice one.

I've got four more Santa Swaps coming up in the next week, I am now sticking to giving very boring CDs, no more exciting stuff!

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