Monday, 15 December 2008

Monday joke

Because we need some humour to get through the week.

A koala and a lizard are sitting on a tree smoking joints and getting totally high. The lizard gets so stoned that he falls off the tree. He shouts to the koala: "Mate! I am going to the river to get a drink of water, be right back!".
At the river he starts to drink but is so stoned he falls in the water. Lucky a crocodile is nearby and fishes him out and puts him back to safety on the river bed. The crocodile asks the lizard: "What is up with you? How come you fell in the river like that?".
The lizard says "I was up on a tree smoking joints with the koala and getting high, I came to drink some water and fell in".
The crocodile decides to check this out for himself so he walks up to the tree where the koala is sitting (still smoking the joint) and calls out: "Hey!". The koala looks down and says:
"Faaaaaarrrkkk, how much water did you drink??".

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