Friday, 12 December 2008

You have got to try your breast

She slid one hand under my t-shirt. Her fingers were a cold, which made my skin come out in goose pimples.

No, I had not suddenly decided to try women after my misadventures with men.. Rather, yesterday I went for a health check up, and I learnt something useful: breast self examination. I am ashamed it took me so long to learn this, it's simple and fast, and can make a world of a difference to detect cancer sooner rather than later. The doctor yesterday showed me how it's done, and I thought I would share in case there are other clueless people like me out there. (Men, sorry if the start of the post was a bit misleading, heheh).

It should be done once a month, and ideally you can do it in bed or in the shower. First pull say your left arm up in the air, then use the right hand to press all over the breast. It's not a squeezing movement, but more of a press down movement, using the tips of the three middle fingers of your hand. Like the doctor says "Under the shower it's good because the soap makes you more sensitive to spot things". She said you are looking for something like a bean, ie a very hard lump amid the inner tissue.

There, I hope this can be useful.

And one quick note on week end planning. This one is going tobe another manic one, on the agenda we have:

- 2 shows (I am taking part in)
- 1 Christmas dinner
- 1 birthday party (for a friend) in a nightclub
- sorting out my paperwork
- cleaning my flat because it's the last week end before my Mother arrives in town!


Nicey said...

Very misleading ; ) and us blokes have to examine are balls doncha ya know !


Evie said...

Haha, I like to tease! ;)