Sunday, 22 February 2009

Time out

NeepNeep: "You look so sad"

Evie: "Yeah, I am so not looking forward to this trip in Europe: it's going to be cold, it's going to be a marathon of running around like a headless chicken visiting family and friends scattered accross various places. And lastly, I am dreading this wedding thing where I am going to stand out like a sore thumb being the Single One, Arrrrgggghhhh"

NN: "You are silly because you will enjoy seeing all these people, and you will be a great witness in this wedding"

E: "Yes I have started to practice, holding the pen at a perfect angle while signing the documents, at the same time looking picture perfect for the camera, being delightful when chatting to various grannies and aunties, etc. Don't want to go, don't want to go"

NN: "I know, tell them all you can't make this trip anymore, that I don't know, you are sick, and let's fly tonight to go diving somewhere for a few weeks, no one will know where you will be"

E: "Hmmmm... Seriously?"

NN: "Seriously"

E: "Ok let's do it"

But then we called off each other's bluff, neither of us had the guts to do it. Not that we really really did not want to..


Nicey said...

Yeah I know what its like hun, I lived in the middle east for 2 years and the only time I came back was for funeral and weddings : ( racing around catching up on eveyone is bloody hard work and expensive.......
Fuck it should have gone diving ; )


Evie said...

That is exactly it! Sadly i also have a funeral as part of the flight plan :(
Yeah, should have gone diving.. This said we might go on a mini-break when am back in HK, as two perfectly friendly friends travelling together of course, hmm..

Anonymous said...

eh? you and Neep^2 behaving?
You are holding true to your NYRs?


Evie said...

Well, he is behaving, I am just waiting :)
Next week I may give up one of my resolutions though..