Friday, 27 February 2009


The combined effect of 1) losing my job and 2) leaving HK (only on a short vacation!) in the past couple of weeks has made me realise that:
- I was not happy in my job, the stress had been too much in the past few months, and not having to go there anymore feels like a huge relief
- As a matter of fact I am not quite ready to start looking for a new job, I want to go on a grand vacation, like we did when we were kids, taking a break of several months (or even maybe a year?)
- I am addicted to Hong Kong. Every time I leave it I feel a bit down, as if I was a Duracell Rabbit that got its Duracell batteries replaced with another cheap, weak brand. When I land there again I feel alive again.
- The only thing that would make me leave is an incredible job prospect somewhere else in the world, but if possible somewhere exciting and new.
- I am lucky to be at such a cross roads of my life with many options lying there in front of me, and even more lucky to be facing it without having a mortgage, kids, or a partner, because I can make some very selfish decisions in the months to come.


Anon Y Mouse said...

Sorry about the job thing.
Sounds as though you have lots of great plans. Very exciting. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Nicey said...

For me good things come out of bad things, your mad of pure win so I am sure that things will work out for you hun, keep the blog going though !!!


tess said...

this is a great introspective blog. i am glad you have options, and that you love the city where you live.

ps - LOVE the gummy bears in your avatar pic!

Evie said...

Mouse - plan making is under way, to be continued..
Nicey - I agree, sometimes it takes unexpected things to create a new opportunity..
Tess - Thanks, the gummy bears are SO my passion. And all things sweet, hmmm (sugar craving).