Saturday, 14 March 2009


Yes its been a while. In part because I was busy traveling in Europe. And in part because I knew that writing here would require me to take a closer and honest view at my feelings in order to put them down in paper/blog.

The two weeks of vacation went by in a blur. I saw my family, I saw my friends. I went to a funeral (first person of my generation to pass away, so very tough and sad), and I attended a wedding (as a fantastic witness, I did a brilliant job of holding the pen to sign the registry while looking uber glamourous).

I also got up to a bit of mischief.. A long long time I wrote on this blog about my friend Tom. He is a friend from Europe I've known for a while with whom I used to have long, boozy and meaningful conversations about life. Well, in my few days in London in my trip, I managed to sort of seduce him. Which in a way is silly planning given I am toying with the idea of taking a year-long sabbatical to travel the world. A boyfriend in London does NOT fit with that plan. It was a spur of the moment thing, but we spent an amazing 24 hours together. I emerged from my time with him a bit dazzled, seduced, destablized.. It was not planned, but I really enjoyed the time with him.. We agreed to spend a week together in a paradise island and so next week end I fly off to to meet him in a luxurious resort. We will see what this time together ends up being like.

I am working away like mad at the gym to try to minimise my flabby bits in order to be a true goddess in 8 days' time. Though secretely I am also hoping for our time together to be rubbish, for him to be totally turned off by my fat bits, for me to realise he is a selfish mysogynistic pig, so that I won't have to make hard decisions about what to do about being infatuated with a man in Europe while still wanting to travel the world... Only time will tell..

In the meatime we are exchanging emails and naughty (oh so naughty) texts, I really can't wait for that week together to start.

Is fate having a laugh at my expense??


Lola said...

In my humble experience, men actually quite like the odd flabby bit... as long as it's not michelin-man type rolls of flab, obviously (unless they are a feeder of course, but let's not digress).
Great news - life throws some crazy shit and you and you just have to go with it. Enjoy!
Glad to hear you are going off traveling.. you MUST keep your blog up whilst you are at it.

gweipo said...

nope, fate is smart. I met my husband 3 months before he was due to go and study in Canada for a year (in the pre-internet / email days) and our relationship survived that and lots of other separations as we both did what we had to do to become who we became when and after we married ...
Trust fate, she knows what's good for you.

Nicey said...

Nice one hun, sounds like you had and everyone needs a bit of mischeif eh ; )
Yeah thats fate if its gonna happen its gonna happen, dont fight it and keep us posted eh ...


Evie said...

Lola - I do hope you are right about the flabby bits, I am starting to panic, see next post!
Gweipo - I still think that somewhere, some sort of fate person is zapping with a huge remote control having a laugh at how we will react to the stuff that gets thrown our way :)
Nicey - Sure, will keep you guys posted!