Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Episode 22: Thirty before thirty

Here is a list of 30 things one should do before turning thirty (in my case, it is for me to know how much time that leaves and for you not to find out). Some of these I have done, some not, I shall not say which ones are already ticked off the list:

1. Fly First class on a long haul flight
2. Go to Australia
3. Host a proper grown up dinner party for more than 4 people, with proper cooking and sophisticated stuff like proper cutlery, glassware, and tags with people's names so they know who sits where
4. Go on a blind date set up by a friend
5. Sign up to
6. Sample life in a nudist camp
7. Manage to negociate a huge discount off something big and expensive
8. Sky dive (indoor sky diving counts)
9. Write a book/short story
10. Do a round-the-world trip
11. Take a cocktail making class
12. Work as a cocktail bar(wo)man in a posh cocktail bar for a bit of time
13. Have a one night stand
14. Own an outrageously expensive designer item
15. Take a plane flying lesson
16. Reach sexual maturity (deliberately vague statement, could mean need to have sampled quite a few erm samples)
17. Be confident enough to have a drink in a bar/club all alone
18. Survive going straight to work after a whole night of partying/clubbing
19. Do an iq test
20. Do a full psycho therapy
21. Have a full conversation with a homeless person
22. Give an insane amount of money to charity
23. Organise an incredible surprise party for a loved one, which remains a full surprise till the end
24. Reach an incredible level of wardrobe management (no old/unnnecessary clothes, hung up according to some form of logical classification)
25. Learn a new language (new as in not started to learn it at school when younger)
26. Strike up a whole conversation effortlessly with a stranger on public transport
27. Take part in a charity sports event and raise lots of money
28. Learn to sail a boat
29. Decide to have kids or not
30. Live on a boat


mindy said...

I believe that #24 is completely, utterly impossible. I've tried. It doesn't work. Sure, I have 3 more years to perfect it, but I don't think I will. I'd like to meet a person who actually has done this. So I can slap her.

Evie said...

I bet Victoria Beckham has. B1tch.