Saturday, 28 July 2007

Episode 23: Hit the road Jack

After a couple of days of travelling, here are some personal thoughts:

- it's possible to smile like a jackass non stop for several hours while sitting in a plane/travelling in a train/in a hotel room, all by one self simply because one is delighted to be at last free to travel for a while.
- it's incredibly nice to be out of the rat race and have time to do things like, when it rains, stand somewhere sheltered to wait for the rain to stop. As opposed to the usual thinking of "I am late! I have no time! Damn this rain, I have to run under it and get soaked!". And watching rain fall is actually incredibly peaceful and beautiful.
- After years of travelling as a couple, it's odd to be alone. I alternate between feeling a bit sad to be alone (especially when Poulet-lookalikes run around the place) and actually feeling elated for being brave enough to do this, and being free to do whatever I want whenever I want, being a true free spirit.
- I m not sure if tonight I will dare to go out for a drink alone, would like to try though. Will first do dinner and see how that feels.
- I love Asia.


Cosima said...

Glad to hear that you got off to a good start. Have a wonderful trip!

hkocoon said...

Where are you?;-)

Evie said...

Thanks Cosima, you would really like it here I think (because it's a lovely country). HKC I am in Laos for the moment, not sure for how long though, or where am going next :)