Monday, 30 July 2007

Episode 24: A message from the tropics

Well well things still going well on Evie's Trip to Self Enlightement and Discovery of the World. I am not doing much self enlightement at the moment, more just discovering of places, foods and smells. The country is amazing and some of the places here make me feel really at ease. Although I do feel like a bit of a granny today, I nearly fell asleep in my room at 7.30 pm. But then forced myself out for a bite to eat and a bit of internetting.
Travelling alone is still making feel good 50% of the time, but also half wondering if this really suits me. I will give myself the full 5 weeks to make up my mind, but at the moment am feeling a bit paranoid about not being extraverted enough for this type of adventure. The other night after my previous post I did not get enough courage to go out for a drink alone, but what bugs me most about it is the fact that it bugs me. I should just be happy with the choices I make and not over analyse my attitudes for hours afterwards.
Anyway, enough of self-analysis, it is now time to get planning for the next lef of the journey, am only organising things 24 hours in advance max (a new rule) and am enjoying the semi-sponatenity.


Charles in Singapore said...

Spontaneity is good... enjoy yourself and greetings from Singapore.

Evie said...

Thx a lot, good luck for the jet lag! If you have not yet been, do try the japanese restau in the Pan Pacific hotel in SG, it's the best meal I ever had in my life, easily.