Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Episode 25: Mid-Trip Analysis

Well well well, it seems like it was years ago I was posting on this blog, back in London, having no idea what to expect on my mini Tour of Asia and Self Discovery trip. In the past few weeks, I have:
- seen some incredible places (in terms of people, cultures, foods, scenery, art)
- managed to conquer a little my fear of being myself and not daring to meet other people. As a matter of fact I have managed to meet a whole bunch of them. Not thousands, but enough to prove to myself that I am a sociable person deep within
- gotten used to being by myself and feeling quite comfortable with it
- taken the chance to think about Important Stuff like my relationship with Le Poulet, my career, family, friends and direction in life.

And there are also many reasons I am the worst traveller in the world:
- the time I safely locked my bag with a padlock only to realise the key was INSIDE THE BAG. D'oh moment..
- the time I decided to cut accross some rice paddies as a "short cut" with a 15 kg backpack on my back and then ended up sinking ankle deep into the mud unble to move backwards or forwards. ("What on earth am I doing here" moment)
- the time I nearly started crying because the tuk tuk driver took me to the wrong place in an attempt to get more money out of me (by no means a scary moment, just a moment where I felt like a totally unadventurous big sissy).
- the time I decided to order something exotic and strange sounding on a bar menu and ended up with a bog standard bottle of water! (funny moment).

I can not believe I am only half way into the trip, looking forward to embrace the next round of adventures (still deciding on which country to go next, hmmm).


Cosima said...

See, that's why I have never owned a backpack. I pull my battered samsonite on wheels through all the exotic places, and it certainly looks like it had some hair-raising adventures.

Evie said...

I think the "on wheels" option is actully a sensible one, as even in backpacking places people never carry around their backpack.