Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The August Man Effect

Well, here we are, I was complaining about the lack of testosterone-producing elements in my life, and I think in the last couple of weeks I got a dozeful enough to last the next six months, through a common phenomenon known as the August Man Effect:

- My father: I called him and said ok I was ready to meet him, why not Saturday lunch. He said "Uh Saturday I will need to check if I can take time off at lunch". Hello?? Last time I saw him was zillions of years ago and he does not know if he can take out one hour for lunch? Anyway, then we agreed to meet up on Sunday night for dinner. A couple of hours before he texted me and asked if it was ok to bring a colleague. Hello?? Last time I saw him was zillions of years ago and maybe it would have been nice to catch up just the two of us. Fortunately, my levels of expectations are bottom low withregards to him so nothing could have really disappointed me seriously. So we met, chatted, mostly about the weather, his job, my job, his colleague's job. And then I called it a night. I'll probably see him again in a couple of zillions of years. End of story.

- My step father: he has been sending me silly emails asking me to resolve family stuff I have nothing to do with and will not go near to with a 200 foot pole (is that the proper expression?). I have been ignoring him and his emails and take strength in the knowledge that I am an adult, free, and way too far away for anyone to force me into dealing with anything right now.

- The date-ables:
1) the is-this-a-date-lunch date: So I had this lunch with someone I met at a friend's party. We work in the same building so arranged to meet up. It very actually a friendly and chatty sort of lunch, both of us trying to figure out if the other thought it was a date. I did not think so, and I did not feel he did either. But then one week later he emailed me asking me to have lunch together again, so either it was a date, or he just thinks I am the most entertaining lunch buddy in the world.. Anyhow, he is out of the country at present so we will find out more later..
2) the Facebook date: out of the blue this guy started getting in touch through Facebook. I am not that keen on this cyber space dating thing, but then I decided it was the August Man Effect sending him my way, so I might meet him in person in a few days.
3) the Naked Guy in My Sofa: ok this one is false advertising. There might very possibly be a semi naked in my sofa in a few days, but it's a friend of a friend who needs a place to crash for the next few days, and I am hosting him. He is cute as heck though. Ah yes and totally gay.
4) The Fickle Neighbour: this is the guy who sort of asked me on a date before I went on vacation, then when I returned from vacation I spied he had a new girlfriend (I can see into his living room without particularly trying). Well last week, I bumped into him as he was walking out of his front door, and I glimpsed a guy in underwear in his flat. The mystery around him thickens..
5) the Lover: I think I may have a lover. I know you are supposed to call them that only if you are married and it's not the case, but nevertheless, I am pretty confident that technically that is what he is. I have a Lover.

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