Monday, 19 January 2009

Anger mis-management

I have a problem with anger. Because I don't have the capacity to feel it. Sadness, frustration, resentment, swearing profusely, yes. But I am incapable of feeling anger in a healthy way that would help to get tension out of my system. Instead I either ignore the small things that bother me, or bottle up the bigger things, which gets translated in a state of stress.

So lately I have been experimenting with the emotion, and trying to express anger when something bothers me.

Friday night, after a rather shitty day at work full of bad news, I met C and Lucy for drinks and tried to be angry that night, along the lines of: "Hmm, I really fancy a Mojito. Ermmm, no, I mean, Grrrrrrr I am so angry tonight, someone get me a Mojito, now!". So the anger thing lasted for about a minute.

Today I felt I needed to try it again. I got home quite late after a dinner with friends and as I entered my flat I could hear some music, and thought to myself it was odd because usually I never hear the neighbours. And I started to feel anger towards them being so inconsiderate for playing music so late in the night, especially on a Monday night, after a very exhausting week end when I needed some real rest. I let the anger get out: "Damn you stupid neighbours, tonight I really need to get some f***ing sleep!" (swearing added for extra anger effect).

But then it turned out it was coming from the iPod in my handbag.


Lola said...

Kick-boxing is the answer Evie.. anger release and fit men - you can't get much better than that.

Lola said...
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Nicey said...


Agree with Lola take it out in the gym, also emotions are good, you have realise them and note how you feel,
stay safe, Laters


Anon Y Mouse said...

Right on Lola.
Kickboxing is excellent (although it has to be said I don't go for the men).

If you want to lose your 5kg (did I remember you saying that?), is totally the way to go.

Evie said...

Hmm, the mind approves of the plan, and so does the Ass..

Anonymous said...