Thursday, 22 January 2009

Off to see the Hoff

- So Evie, what are you doing for the Chinese New Year long week end? (we get 3 days off work)
- Oh you know, nothing special, just going to the Philippines to chill out.

Hold on a minute? Nothing special?? I am going to one of the top beaches in the world (the internet said so), where I am going to be snorkelling, possibly diving, pina-colada-ing and s.l.e.e.p.i.n.g for five days. All this with 5 of my top buddies in HK.

Two years ago before living here I would have killed to be in my shoes. But now I am in my shoes! (And without having needed a homicide either!).

This calls for a separate post about the things we tend to take for granted when living out here.

Aaaaaanyhooooow, to top it all, I am seriously hoping that this time tomorrow my friends and I will be looking like something like this:

(I am secretely hoping that David-the-Hoff-Hasselhoff might be planning a vacation there too).


Paris Lights said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope you have fun on the beach. I'm jealous- in France it's 0° today...

Nicey said...

Nice one Evie Enjoy !!

Hey that Hoff bloke is really sucking in his stomach ....


hkorbust said...

I will be in Bali -- I challenge you to a "best beach" photograph.

Lola said...

Me too, nothing special.. just off to Koh Phi Phi for a few days - as you do ;-)
Have a great time and hope you find yourself a silver fox hot enough to challenge the Hof!

Evie said...

PL - Hmm, but then it's a good excuse to drink chocolat viennois in Parisian cafes :-)
Nicey - Hey, you are right, I notice the Hoff might actually have some ab flab he is trying hard to hide
HKOB - Have a great time in Bali! I take you up on your challenge, in my next post..
Lola - Wuuuh, hope KPP was fun, do tell. I did not find many silver foxes but had amazing laughs with my foxy lady friends, which was even better.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Anon Y Mouse said...

Welcome back.

Of course the Hoff wouldn't be sucking in his gut if he did Kickboxing a lot, cos there wouldn't be a gut that had to be sucked in!

E said...

im heading to da beach too in a week! aiya.. where in Europe are you froM?

Evie said...

Mouse - but maybe the action of sucking in the abs actually eventually burns off the flab?
E - thanks for stopping by. I like to entertain the mystery about my origins a bit, but let's say I have lived in Paris for a long while :-)