Sunday, 1 February 2009

Life is a Beach

I have been challenged by HK Or Bust for the best beach shot. Given I never usually refuse challenges, and given the place I was at was so beautiful (you could take a picture of anything anytime, and you could make a postcard of it easily), I am of course up for it.

So, is this paradise, or what?

And for the pleasure of the eyes, I add another of my pictures which could also have been a contender:

Needless to say, I came back relaxed as hell, pale as a jellyfish (I spent most of the time underwater learning to Scuba dive), and ready to take on the Year of the Bull-no-shit with renewed energy.

(I may have lost some of the new found energy over the course of the past few days due to some intense partying but that is a story for another time).

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