Monday, 12 January 2009

The party

This week end I had my birthday party, to celebrate the fact I was an old cookie, with boobs that start to hang too low and hair that begins to turn gray (I turned 30). Well, that is not the way I presented the occasion of the party to my friends, I turned it into "celebration of my eternal youth", which sounds somewhat better.

Well kids, it was the best party in the world. Initially I had been quite freaked out, because I always freak out when I organise events, about whether there would be too many people, not enough people, people would get bored, not like the music, all leave at 10 pm, etc. But hell, it was amazing. I had set a theme to the event that was simple yet effective, so nearly everyone played along with it. Also, I had organised a game to get people mingling and it really worked, by the end of the night everyone knew everyone. The turnout was really impressive too, at one point the bar was heaving with people and it was impossible to walk through. And most importantly, numbers are great but what I really loved is that most people there were ones I knew very well and was fond of, and it was great to see them all grouped in the same place having so much fun.

At around 3.30am we decided to hit another bar for a bit of an after party, and there we bumped into Eddie, the oh-so-mesmerising idiot I have a crush on. And he really is a total fuckwit, he never replied to my invitation, never came to my party, and when C asked him why he did not come he mumbled something about the fact he had got his dates mixed up and thought it was on another day. I know he is a total douchebag, but I still keep him on my To Do List 2009, just because I have set myself this challenge.

The next morning was a bit painful but it was worth every ounce, I woke up with a troll playing drums in my head but also a huge smile that stayed on my lips all day through and is still there this morning.


Nicey said...

Nice obe Birthday Gal I am in the middle of celerbrating mine, your sound great and it sounds like ya behaved yourself !

Lola said...

Happy Birthday Evie! From another girl that turned 30 in Hong Kong I can firmly vouch for it being THE BEST AGE. Enjoy!

Evie said...

Nicey, thanks and YOU TOO, have a fab one (and do tell..).
Lola - Thanks a lot, I agree with you, it's the best place in the world to celebrate one's 30th, and I hope the best place in the world to just be 30 too :)

Anon Y Mouse said...

Nice one, Evie.
Glad you had a great time.

fumier said...

Low-hanging boobs can be quite sexy, within reason.