Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Instruction Manual Misplaced

To C: "What the hell do I wear?"

From C: "Jeans + cute top. Not too much cleavage (not that you have any, har har). Play it cool"

To C: "It's official, I really have nothing to wear"
From C: "Yeah right, you have a whole walk-in closet room where you can't possibly fit any more clothes, remember?
To C: "Maybe I should cancel".
From Lucy: "Oi, I heard you were having a wardrobe crisis. Don't make me come to yours to whip you into action".

To C: "He is going to laugh at me and turn around and leave".
From C: "As if. But, I am laughing at you, you are a wally".

To Text Guy: "Late! There in 3 mins, promise".
From Text Guy: "No worries, am waiting inside".

From C: "Go Evie, bring out your inner goddess and seduce him to bits, and come back and tell us the details. ALL the details. Signed C and Lucy".

To C, Lucy: "Guys! It went well! No gossip to report (no, there was no kiss), but it's good this way. Want to have nights like this every day!"

To Text Guy: "Thank you for a very tasty and thought-provoking night"
From Text Guy: "I had a great time too :). Sleep tight".


Nicey said...

Evie you minx ; )a schoolday as well ....


lecram said...

waiting for "more nights" to see how this plays out. Cheers!

Evie said...

Nicey - Thing is, I probably should not have given in to a dinner with only a few hours' notice, next time will try to play hard to get a bit better..
Lecram - Not sure anything will play out but will give more details if/when they arise, stay tuned :)