Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Episode 37: The Txt Files

Friday night, 3:13 am.
Am sitting on the couch at home, watching an episode of Gray's Anatomy which I will need to watch again the next day as I am a bit too tired/tipsy to remember it. Receive a text message from C, a girl I've recently met and who strangely reminds me of my London friends.
C - How is Long Kwai Fong? (She had left a bit before me and at the time the plan was to hit that part of town for drinks)
E - Did not go, the others went 2 watch Rugby, decided to leave the testosterone. Went 4 burger instead and met slightly ugly guy with whom might go on a date (as planned in my multiple dating plan). What about u?
C - Gossiped like mad with the guys in cab, now am home watching the rugby, feast for the eyes..

Saturday night, 5:15 am. Same scenario, sitting at home on the couch watching Gray's Anatomy, etc etc. Text message arrives
C - Just drove past the club in my cab, I saw all our friends coming out.
E - Woooooow, we got friends all over town! Just had a hotdog with HK's gay airline pilot community. God they are good looking, what a waste.
C - Did u take their numbers, in case they change they change their mind and start batting in our team?
E - Shit, did not think of it. But I found out what R the cool gay places in HK where we can dance like divas, become the new Kylie Minogues etc.
C - My Kylie costume is waiting..


Charles in HK said...

Good to see you are making friends fast.

Evie said...

Indeed the socialising is going great, HK feels like a giant student town! Hope your nightmares are going away..