Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Episode 45: Gone Fishing

I have done a David Copperfield and managed to master a full disappearance act. Now, the real reasons of my disappearance appear below but are mixed with some fiction, which is which?

- I have been adbucted by aliens who have selected me as a perfect specimen of the human race (mostly using the Ass Size criteria) and who did lots of chemical tests on me. I have now returned with some supe-powers in my body, including the ability to get confused about men. Oh hang on a minute, I had that skill before already before.
- I have been snowed under by a ton of urgent To Do Lists that needed to be sorted at work and took up all my time.
- I have met the love of my life when out shopping for groceries. He offered me a lift back home in his limo, after saying "hey gorgeous, hop in and let me give you a ride". After a brief hesitation, I decided to go for it, and we are now happily planning our wedding
- The internet company did a bad job when installing my new internet connection which got broken down about 35 minutes after initial installation
- I bumped into my Secret Evil Sister in the street, realised she was trying to take over my life by pretending to be me, and spent the past 3 weeks in court trying to prove I was me, and not her.
- My life got so boring
- I got lucky in a man-pulling-mission in a nightclub and never left my bedroom.

Ooooookaaayyy, that should spread lots of mystery around my life for the time being.


hkocoon said...

Hesitating between the alien abduction and the limo lift, hihihi life mustn't be boring for you according to your writings and I can't see an internet conection breaking down here in HK;)

Charles in HK said...

I think it is "all of the above!"

Cosima said...

One must be true, because you have been working out so diligently. How can any male, alien or not, resist a perfectly sized ass?

I fear the internet connection thing is also true, because it happened to me too. The nice thing in Hong Kong (but pssst don't tell anyone) is that you can usually pirate an unsecured wireless signal from one of your neighbors. I bet tall and stroppy won't mind.

Evie said...

HKC - Yes indeed, life has been interesting especially after the alien abduction experience..
Charles - You are good you, how did you guess?
Cosima - I would love to hook onto Stroppy's wireless signal, and then tell him all about it next time I meet him in the elevator, just to see his face :-)